Thinking about redesigning your blog? We just rolled out some major upgrades to the Customize panel:

  • <boom>Real-time theme preview</boom>
  • <wow>Browse themes with filters and search</wow>
  • <omg>New color picker</omg>
  • <fonts>Fonts! Fonts! Fonts!</fonts>

Also! We’ve made big updates to the source code editor.

Give it a whirl.

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Smile Through the Struggle


Shane Burcaw’s condition may kill him some day. But until then, he’s enjoying the hell out of life—and encouraging everyone else to follow suit.

Congrats, Shane!

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What anon messages should look like on halloween:


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Tumblr Tuesday: Pixel Art Edition

One Pix Per Day
Strangely calming reader-requested pop-culture portraits. Contains: Gus Van Sant, Mary Poppins and Django.

Pixelating some fave fandoms. Choose your poison: UFOs or the undead.

Brother Brain
All your GIFs are pixel art when they come from old school video games.

Landscapes so detailed that they almost aren’t pixel art. But they are. 

Pixel League
Test your League of Legends knowledge with this shadow shapes guessing blog.

Pixel Art by Noirlac

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Introducing Tumblr’s 2013 Year in Review, celebrating the best of the Internet

We’ve analyzed millions of blogs, billions of posts, and zillions of notes in order to give you a taste of all the amazing stuff you may have missed on Tumblr this year.

Follow as we release new post categories daily through the end of December!

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Tumblr Tuesday: Ye Olde Internet Edition

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
Screenshots of ancient Geocities pages. RIP Best of Kate Winslet Picture Page

Windows High as Fuck
Fail whatever task you’re doing and get deeply messed up with an old friend from the ‘90s.

The year is 1995 and David Byrne is inside your Amiga. Witness the words, pictures and GIFs of our Internet forefathers.

Never again will you lose sleep trying to remember what an Internet Explorer 4.0 error message looked like on Windows 98.

Windows Fantasy
Pixel Art + Windows 95 Themes = Windows Fantasy.  Loosely defined mixed-media art at its best.

Photo via One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

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We’ve introduced an improvement to the mobile apps that will shock and amaze you. Now you can sort your search results. Now you can take control of your life.

Download for iOS or Android

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Tumblr Tuesday: Street Photography Edition

Everybody Street
The new documentary showcasing what the filmmakers call “the only tool that will stop time itself.” Spoiler alert: it is a camera.

Carmen Alt-Chapman
Gritty, urban street photography. Largely black and white, with the occasional pop of color by way of graffiti.

Trenord Crushes
Proving you don’t need an expensive DSLR to show off your photography skills. You don’t even need the most recent iPhone. All photos of these train passengers are taken with an iPhone 4S. 

Photos from Daniel
Learn what’s up down under. Daniel catalog(ue)s the streets, buildings, and people in Australia. Happy Christmas, mate.

Using one medium to showcase another, Listaks documents graffiti-in-progress in and around The City of Angels. 

Photo by Photos from Daniel

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When was the last time you experienced romantic love? It was probably the last time you installed a new blog theme. Relive that moment of ecstasy with us as we unveil a better-organized, better-looking, and lovingly curated

Fall for themes. Again. For the first time.

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deep blue sea by fbphotography

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